The Company

IBERCAL was founded in Bilbao in September 2002, and our experience is the result of intense activity for the past ten years as well as the skill accumulated by the professionals who make our staff, who have participated in the last thirty years on most relevant industrial projects in Spain.

Inspectores y Consultores Ibercal, S.L.U. is a service company focused to the industrial sector and whose activities are mainly in the fields of industrial inspection.

Since March 2014 Ibercal has become part of Tecnatom Group, global leader in advanced engineering services with projects in over 30 countries and with over 50 years of proven experience group.

Ibercal integration in the Tecnatom Group is part of a plan to diversify the Group's business and the new subsidiary is configured as a supplier of inspection services by methods of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) targeted for industrial, aeronautical, petrochemical, metallurgical steelwork, shipbuilding, etc.

Maintaining levels of accustomed quality and based on his 12 years of accumulated experience, we continue to provide our usual Non-Destructive Testing services, certification and advisory quality in the manufacture and maintenance of equipment. Ibercal with the support and guarantee of the Group Tecnatom is expanding its portfolio of nondestructive testing services and testing applied to any component of the industry. 

In addition to offices and laboratories at its facilities in Bilbao, Ibercal has an office in San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid) and two workplaces in Tarragona: Ascó and Vandellós Nuclear Power Plants.

Our staff consists of qualified proven experience professional with ISO and ASME standards certifications in diverse sectors: welding, metallic and nonmetallic materials, aeronautics (EN4179), trained to perform the most complex and delicate work efficiently, responsible, and without losing sight of safety and environmental commitment.